From the ruins of pain and hopelessness emerged a couples ministry that has blessed the lives of many; the 2B1 Marriage Ministry. 2B1 believes that even the most broken and bruised relationships are within the reach of repair. With the love and honesty conveyed by our leaders, Bishop W Todd and Co Pastor Kimberly Ervin, many marriages have been healed and their entire families saved. Bishop and Co Pastor Ervin’s willingness to be transparent has caused many to rethink what was once thought to be the inevitable.

2B1 Marriage Ministry strives to:

Prepare Engaged Couples for Life Long Commitment

Teach Practical Principals with Biblical Content to Existing Couples

Equip Couples with the Tools to Communicate and Balance Marriage, Family and Ministry     

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“It is our goal to reach each couple where they are and encourage them to look beyond their current situation with relevant and realistic teachings that will offer them the tools to do the work we call Marriage

Topics Discussed:  



Blended Families


Child rearing

Conflict Resolution

Friends and In-laws


5 Love Languages