Darlene Burke
Business Network Ministry
Sheretha Johnson
Media Ministry
Pastor Dwayne E. Shigg
Christian Education Ministry Leader
Elder Carol McNeal
Elders Council
Co-Pastor Kimberly Ervin
2B1 Marriage Ministry
Pastor Aundray Burks
Precious Jewels Women's Ministry
Deacon William Bennett
Deacon Ministry
Lisa January
Intercessory Prayer Ministry
Elder Victoria Johnson
Leadership Development
Elder Shelton Ervin
Reach One Teach One Evangelism Ministry & Elders Council
Elder Patricia E. Lewis
Reach One Teach One Evangelism Ministry & Elders Council
Nellie Grant
Tools Of Wisdom Seniors Ministry
Lula Rhodes
Ushers and Greeters Ministry
LaShawn Sanders
Hospitality Ministry
Elder Jackie Seals
Young Adult Ministry & Employment Connection
Fanisha Muepo
T.E.A.M.1 College Ministry
Elder Dwayne Johnson
Minister of Music
Deacon Donnell Hawkins
Deborah Slaney
Facilities Coordinator
Children's Ministry
Men of Issachar