c1-greetVision With A Mission

Connecting communities
Helping families
Uniting generations
Reaching the unchurched
Casual in dress, yet reverent in worship
Heaven Bound Church with a Down to Earth Ministry


Our Mission

Church One has been called by God to reach and teach the saved, unsaved, as well as the unchurched. Our teaching and preaching approach is diverse as our congregation. We are able to begin at “ground zero,” with the basic doctrines of salvation through faith in Jesus Christ; then, expand to a style that is more thought provoking and stimulating theologically. Practical application is emphasized as we minister to children, youth, young adults, mature Christians, as well as the depressed, suicidal and those who are otherwise outcast from society. We are an outreach based ministry that serves the local community by providing food, clothing and educational resources. During our service we may be casual in dress, but we are always reverent in our worship. We are A Heaven Bound Church with a Down to Earth Ministry.


What We Believe

The Bible is the inspired Word of God and that the Holy Spirit exerted His supernatural influence upon the writers of the Bible.

Jesus Christ the Son of God who came and gave His life to restore God and man’s relationship.

That the manifestation of being filed with the Holy Spirit not only included the gift of tongues, but the Holy Spirit may manifest His filing presence in other gifts of the Spirit.

The Holy Spirt is the power of God in the form of the Spirit in which He indwells the believer upon his confession of faith.

That God has revealed Himself through Jesus Christ the Son of God, and the power of His Spirit.